Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dear Cold Caller...

My partner is employed in the public sector and is about to lose £4000 per annum due to Job Evaluation, in addition to the 2 year pay freeze which was imposed on council workers when the banking crisis hit, which means the two years' pay protection he was entitled to was effectively wiped out.  That's if they don't have to make compulsory redundancies.

I was TUPE'd out of the public sector and subsequently made redundant, since which time I have been a full time carer for our autistic teenager. My chances of obtaining work which will fit around these family circumstances is low. Believe me, I've been looking, but not many employers are keen to take you on when you can get called away at a moment's notice because of a crisis.

So, although we're delighted you're in our area, unless you are offering your will-writing service/solar panel installation/ loft insulation/uPVC fascias and soffits for free, I'm afraid we really can't take you up on your kind offers.

Oh, and our Windows operating system isn't running slowly, because we're on Mac.

Thank you for thinking of us, though.


  1. I had a similar conversation with a cold caller yesterday offering solar panels on a govt initiative - explained all my education work by which I earn money to pay for things has been cut because the Coalition want to pay down the deficit by cutting services and she said she understood and hung up...

  2. To be fair, the solar people seem to be very nice and understanding, and I suppose they're only trying to earn a living. It's just incredible how these "government initiatives" assume we still have such a thing as disposable income ...